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Learn More About Owens Corning Shingles: Huuso Can Help

Owens CorningWhen considering a new roofing system, homeowners often seek a balance of quality, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Owens Corning shingles stand out in the market for their robust construction and diverse design options, catering to various architectural styles. As professionals in the roofing industry, we at Huuso Exteriors take pride in our thorough understanding of the products we recommend. Our expertise ensures that we offer only the best advice to our customers throughout the Chicagoland area, including Naperville, Plainfield, Aurora, and Bolingbrook. The choice of shingles for your home is pivotal, as the roof is a fundamental aspect of your home’s protection and visual charm. Owens Corning provides a wide array of shingles, ranging from the traditional three-tab to high-performance architectural styles. Each product is crafted to enhance your home’s defense against the elements while complementing its overall appearance. We’re here to guide you through the selection process and ensure that the information we provide helps you make an informed decision. As a licensed and bonded roofing company, we understand the intricacies of a reliable roofing system. Working with a reputable manufacturer like Owens Corning allows us to offer our neighbors warranties and the assurance of a job well done. Our seasoned roofers excel in determining whether a roof replacement is necessary, delivering a seamless installation experience.

Beautify Your Home With Owens Corning Shingles

Owens Corning Shingles offer a blend of elegance, durability, and innovative features that can elevate the aesthetic of any home. By selecting from a wide range of product lines and options, homeowners can achieve a personalized look that stands up to the elements and contributes to a sustainable future.

Product Lines and Options

Owens Corning provides a variety of shingle types to match any architectural style or personal preference. Our customers may choose from three main categories: Oakridge® Shingles, offering a warm, inviting look; Duration® Series, known for vibrant colors and high performance; and Duration Designer, for those seeking unique, eye-catching designs. Additionally, Owens Corning provides specialized shingle options including 3-tab, architectural, and specialty shingles.

Durability and Performance

We understand the importance of a roof that not only looks beautiful but also protects against the elements. Owens Corning Shingles are crafted to perform, featuring SureNail® Technology for a reliable nailing zone, resistance to wind lift, and superb sealing capability. For those in hail-prone areas, the options include impact-resistant shingles, designed to endure hail and storm-related roof damage.

Ice & Water Barrier

Part of the Total Protection Roofing System, enhancing the performance under extreme weather.

Duration® Series Shingles

High wind performance with a bold, dimensional look.

Impact-Resistant Shingles

Specially engineered to take on severe impacts and reduce roof damage.

Sustainability and Innovation

Sustainability is core to our approach. Owens Corning demonstrates this commitment by offering Energy Star-certified roofing options like cool roof shingle. These shingles reflect solar energy, helping to keep homes cooler and reduce energy bills.

Cool Roof Shingles

Engineered to reflect more sun rays and absorb less heat than standard shingles.

Shingle Recycling

Owens Corning is devoted to sustainable practices, promoting the recycling of old shingles.

Titanium® and RhinoRoof®

Underlayments that are part of the Total Protection Roofing System, contributing to a long-lasting roof.

In selecting Owens Corning Shingles for your home, we at Huuso Exteriors are committed to delivering unparalleled craftsmanship and functional beauty. Our experienced team serves the Naperville, Plainfield, Aurora, Bolingbrook, and the wider Chicagoland area, ensuring that our neighbors receive the best roofing solutions that meet both their aesthetic and practical needs.

Installation and Warranty

Before beginning the installation of Owens Corning Shingles or exploring warranty options, it’s essential to understand the proper procedures and the comprehensive protection plans available. We at Huuso Exteriors are here to guide you through each step.


Installation Guidelines

We highly recommend that only a professional roofing contractor perform the installation to ensure the highest quality and adherence to Owens Corning standards. Our team follows strict installation instructions which include:

By choosing us, you’re selecting a licensed and bonded team that consistently follows the Total Protection Roofing System® installation principles, from roof repair to complete roof replacement.


Warranty and Protection Plans

At Huuso Exteriors, we provide warranties that give peace of mind:

Remember to ask us for the specific warranty information regarding your Owens Corning roofing products. We ensure you receive the most accurate and up-to-date warranty details so that you’re well-informed before making a decision. Trust our expertise to help you find the ideal warranty plan that aligns with your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

As experts in roofing solutions, we at Huuso Exteriors want to ensure you have all the information you need about Owens Corning Shingles. We're here to guide you through your color choices, explain the distinctive features of Duration shingles, outline warranty options, and provide insightful maintenance tips for preserving your roof's integrity.

How do Owens Corning shingles stand up against extreme weather conditions?

Can you provide maintenance tips for Owens Corning shingles?

Regular inspection and maintenance are vital for the longevity of your roof. We recommend professional evaluations after severe weather, clearing debris, and ensuring proper attic ventilation to prevent premature wear on your Owens Corning shingles.

How do Owens Corning Duration shingles differ from other types of shingles?

Owens Corning Duration shingles stand out due to their patented SureNail Technology, which provides a triple layer of reinforcement in the nailing zone for superior grip. They deliver exceptional durability and performance compared to other shingle types.

What are the key features that distinguish Owens Corning architectural shingles?

The key features of Owens Corning architectural shingles include their distinctive dimensional appearance, impressive wind resistance ratings, and Energy Star certified options that can improve your home’s energy efficiency.

What warranty options are available for Owens Corning roofing shingles?

Owens Corning shingles come with robust warranty options. Dependent on the product line, warranties can include limited lifetime coverage and additional protection guarantees, ensuring peace of mind for our customers when it comes to their roofing investment.

What are the color options available for Owens Corning shingles?

We offer an array of color options for Owens Corning shingles to complement the aesthetic of any home. From classic shades to bolder hues, you can select from a broad spectrum that aligns with your personal style and enhances your home’s curb appeal.

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