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Hailstorms can be devastating for homeowners in Naperville, IL, causing significant damage to roofs, soffits, and gutters. We understand the stress that comes with assessing and repairing hail damage, and our goal is to make this process as smooth as possible.

Our experienced team at Huuso Exteriors begins with a thorough assessment of your entire home, capturing detailed photos and videos to document the damage. We verify this information with storm data, ensuring that every affected area is meticulously recorded.

By creating a comprehensive claim for your insurance adjuster, we strive to minimize repair costs and alleviate your concerns. Our dedication to providing effective and reliable service is evident in our success rate in working with insurance companies.

Assessing and Documenting Hail Damage in Naperville

Hail damage in Naperville can be extensive and often involves both visible and hidden impacts. Proper assessment and documentation are crucial steps to ensure comprehensive repairs and successful insurance claims.

Initial Damage Inspection

The first step in assessing your home’s hail damage is a thorough initial inspection. We recommend starting by examining the roof for any visible damage, such as shingles broken, missing, or displaced. Look for dents or impact marks on the shingles and assess for any visible leaks or signs of water intrusion, particularly in the attic or upper floors. This should all be done from the ground level for your safety as if you see anything wrong a further more detailed examination can be handled by professionals. 

Walk around your property and check for debris scattered by the storm. Inspect windows, doors, and other exterior features for any cracks or breaks. It’s essential to take photos of all apparent damage to create a detailed visual record.

Professional Roof Evaluation

After your initial inspection, seek a professional evaluation. Our team at Huuso Exteriors comprises experienced roofers in Naperville, Aurora, Plainfield, Oswego, and Joliet adept at identifying both obvious and subtle signs of storm damage. We conduct a comprehensive assessment that includes not only the roof but also the soffits and other critical elements.

We carefully look for hidden damage such as roof material bruising or loosened shingles that might lead to future leaks. Documenting every aspect of the damage with extensive pictures and videos can help in the verification process with storm data, facilitating a smoother interaction with your insurance company.

Recognizing Damage to Siding and Gutters

While the roof often takes the brunt of hail damage, we at Huuso Exteriors don’t overlook other crucial areas like siding and gutters. Our roofers inspect the siding for dents, cracks, or holes—these often occur on the sides of the house facing the storm’s direction. Broken or damaged siding can lead to water leaks and further structural issues.

Along with this, we check the gutters and downspouts for dents and dislodged sections. Debris accumulation in these elements can hinder drainage, potentially causing water damage to your home’s foundation. Our team is always documenting the damage with photos that will be invaluable during the insurance claim process.

Repair and Insurance Considerations

Navigating hail damage involves selecting a competent contractor, filing thorough insurance claims, and understanding your insurance policy intricacies. Proper steps ensure repairs are performed accurately and costs are covered.

Choosing the Right Contractor

Selecting an adept contractor is vital. In areas like Naperville and surrounding cities such as Aurora, Elmhurst, Geneva, and Glen Ellyn, we recommend prioritizing experience in storm damage repair. Look for contractors who provide comprehensive assessments, including roofs, soffits, and gutters.

Huuso Exteriors, for instance, employs experienced roofers who have extensive experience when it comes to inspecting and documenting hail damage. Husso Exteriors is also very experienced with working with claims adjusters and insurance companies allowing our customers to know they are in good hands.

Filing an Insurance Claim

Detailed documentation, such as photos and videos, will support your claim. Our process includes verifying storm data to corroborate the damage along with submitting corresponding photos and video that corroborate the claim.

Clear communication with your insurance adjuster is crucial. Submitting detailed assessments from a reputable contractor like Huuso Exteriors may expedite the claim approval. Be sure to keep track of all communications and documents exchanged.

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